A schoolteacher from Wolverhampton who is part of England's Physical Disability cricket team is taking part in a marathon challenge with his teammates.

The cricket team is running a collective marathon each day for 10 days to raise funds for Lord's Taverner, the UK's leading youth cricket and disability sports charity.

Batsman Matt Askin joins his team virtually, where he runs laps around his garden every evening - as he is self isolating due to his asthma.

The team has already doubled its original target of one thousand pounds and are continuing to raise money before the 2.6 challenge reaches its conclusion on Wednesday (May 13).

He has described the challenge as being "mentally challenging because I'm going round the same garden quite a lot."

The batsman also has the obstacle of avoiding his three-year-old son's toys which dominate a third of his garden.

It's quite tough going but is a great thing to be part of. We are raising money for a fantastic cause because the Lord's Taverners does so much great work, and it is also bringing us together as a group at this really strange time. Like everyone else in lockdown at the moment we are all in isolation to varying degrees, but this is something we are doing together as a team and there is a lot of great interaction.

Matt Askin, England Physical Disability Batsman

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