Nottinghamshire County Council has apologised after a "technical issue" saw two care workers issued with three parking charges in three days.

James Vickers, 27, an Age UK care worker, and his partner Joshua Armstrong, 26, who also works in care, were issued with the £70 penalty charge notices (PCNs) despite having a permit that marks them as exempt.

These were issued as they left their cars parked on single yellow lines near their home.

However, both James and Joshua have free parking permits that have recently been introduced for key workers, after being launched by Nottinghamshire County Council, in partnership with district and borough authorities across Nottinghamshire.

These 'virtual' permits also allow NHS and social care staff to park in limited waiting bays, residential areas and car parks owned by the council.

As they are virtual permits, a pass doesn't need to be displayed, and vehicle registrations are logged using a digital system.

However, a technical fault in the system meant a Nottinghamshire County Council warden gave both James and Joshua a PCN last week (Thursday, May 7).

James was then issued with another PCN on Saturday, May 9, with Joshua not being issued one as James says he had driven to work.

Prior to receiving these three PCNs, the couple had no issue parking near where they live.

"It's just obviously really annoying that it's happened again. It's the same warden because it tells you on the ticket - it's ridiculous."

James Vickers

The couple have now appealed the three PCNs, which will all be reduced to £35 if they're paid within 14 days.

“We would like to apologise to those affected by recent issues with parking permits."

Gareth Johnson, enforcement manager at Nottinghamshire County Council

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