Companies that manufacture and sell bicycles say there's been a boom in sales since the lockdown began.

Bike shops we've spoken to say they're struggling to keep up with demand as sales of new bikes soar and repairs of old ones increase too.

David Richardson, Store Manager, Leisure Lakes Bikes in West Bromwich said: “Sales have gone through the roof for bicycles.”

He added: “I think it is down to the lockdown. It’s fantastic from a retail point of view, but it’s sad times the reason it has come about.”

The company has had to resort to delivering bikes themselves as their service provider has reached its maximum capacity.

Mr Richardson said: “As a family run business, we want to maintain our contracts with people and try and deliver the bikes to them.

"In some instances, it does make it a bit awkward to do that but we just want to do what we can to keep people on bikes and keep exercising. Not only from a physical point of view but it is good for mental health to keep people active.”

He said he would expect another spike in business if the availability was there, but says that can’t be fulfilled at the moment.

It comes after lockdown adjustments encouraged commuters to use bikes and allowed people to have unlimited exercise.

  • Mr Richardson says he has seen a lot of newcomers into the cycling world.