Mobility report: How much has the Midlands stopped moving since the lockdown?

As some of the lockdown restrictions begin to be eased, ITV Central has been looking back at the eight weeks that brought the Midlands to a standstill.

Google reports, made public for a limited time, show how dramatically movement around transit hubs in two Midlands local authorities fell in the weeks before lockdown.

Chart showing the impact of the lockdown on two transport hubs in the region. Credit: ITV Central.

By March 25 the movement was 75% below the baseline, which is an average for the same day of the week taken from data earlier in the year.

The mobility reports, which use the "location history" of google users to map out movement, show a similar fall when it comes to workspaces.

Chart showing the impact of the lockdown on workplaces in the region. Credit: ITV Central.

The data, which is normally used for targeted advertising, shows that many people in the Midlands followed the rules of lockdown as people were told to only go to work if it was essential - following a clear message to Stay at Home.

Likewise our leisure industries, including pubs, restaurants, gyms, music venues, and zoos, are all still closed.

Matt Teale reports:

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