PayPal takes five weeks to release thousands of pounds of charity money raised by 10-year-old

Millie Millburn from Birmingham has been designing and selling face masks in their thousands.

The 10-year-old and her mum planned to donate 20% of their profits to local charities that are helping local communities during the pandemic - but hit a problem.

PayPal, the online payment processor, refused to release money from their account, leaving thousands of pounds in donations stuck in limbo.

20% of profits from the masks is being donated to charities. Credit: ITV Central.

Mum Jo said: "We had to go through some initial security checks, which was fine and we totally understood that.

Then more security checks came and it's just been ongoing for five weeks now, and we've not been able to access any of the money in our account. At the moment £5,000 to £6,000 is on hold for the charities but obviously PayPal are holding a lot more than that."

ITV News Central contacted PayPal and this afternoon they told us:

Millie and Jo's PayPal account has now been unlocked following ITV News Central's inquiry, and they're now able to help their chosen charities.

The family have now moved to another online payment processor

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