People warned not to travel to tourist sites

The 'stepping stones' over the river Dove in Dovedale, in the Derbyshire Peak District. Credit: PA Images

Midlander’s who are thinking of travelling down to Weston-Super-Mare this weekend are being told to stay away.

It comes after the [PM changed guidance](http://Boris Johnson) earlier this week to allow unlimited exercise.

The Deputy Leader of North Somerset Council Mike Bell says the Visitor Information Centre, started receiving calls on Wednesday from people living in the West Midlands, Gloucester and London asking if Weston was open.

He wrote on Twitter: "North Somerset and Weston-Super-Mare isn't open for visitors. Please stay at home as much as possible and keep your distance."

Elsewhere, Peak District National Trust say they are not yet open. On Twitter, the Trust said: "Our properties remain closed.

"We are working hard to welcome everyone back as soon and as safely as possible, but aren't ready just yet. Thank you for your patience and staying local."

Meanwhile, authorities on the Lincolnshire coast have urged people to stay away. They serve tourists towns like Skegness and ask, for the time being, people do not rush to visit the area.

In a statement, Councillor Craig Leyland, Leader of East Lindsey District Council, said: "Car parks are closed and tourism businesses such as caravan parks, hotels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants and attractions are all closed."

He added that people are encouraged to "stay at home as much as possible" to help save lives and that the priority will be "limiting the impact that coronavirus has on our communities and our vulnerable residents."

Mark Dannatt, Mayor of Skegness said: “Why travel all this way when you can't go to the toilet or park your car, that'll be frustrating on its own, it’s bad enough when you travel here when we are open."

  • Mr Dannatt added: "What I would say to you is just, just be thoughtful. We are still here and protect Skegness."

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Many thousands of people from the Midlands also regularly visit beauty spots in Wales - but it's important to note that lockdown restrictions differ across the UK.

Despite the UK Government's loosening of the lockdown rules, they still face being fined and sent back home if they attempt a day trip over the border.

Thousands of Midlanders could face fines if they visit beauty spots in Wales during the lockdown. Credit: PA