"It can be a bit scary sometimes": A day in the life of a mental health nurse on a Covid-19 ward

Funmi Adenle works as a mental health nurse on a Covid-19 ward. Credit: ITV News Central

A mental health nurse working on a Covid-19 ward has shared his story with ITV News Central as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.

Funmi Adenle from Leicester speaks to Rajiv Popat, detailing the pressures and concerns that come with his job in the current climate.

The nature of the patients he is working with means many find it hard to understand why they need to isolate.

Some of them have wanted to bite staff members. It can be really hard, to be honest. I've had patients spit at me and that's quite anxiety-provoking, knowing that this patient has got Covid-19. I have moments and days where I feel very anxious and I do worry about not only myself but my family and I do also worry about other staff members. >

Funmi Adenle

Watch Rajiv's special report with Funmi, below.