Watch: The touching moment this frontline nurse is reunited with her children

Credit: University Hospitals of Derby and Burton.

A Burton Nurse who has worked on the frontline caring for patients with coronavirus has shared an emotional video of the moment she was reunited with her children.

Aimie, who has worked at the Trust for five years, left her three children at the end of March. Her five-year-old daughter Ivy suffers from Asthma.

Aimie took the opportunity to stay elsewhere in order to protect them and not put them at risk, a decision she says was "horrible".

She said: "Knowing that my family was safe reassured me – I know it was for the best. Although it has been tough, my colleagues have been so supportive. They are always so welcoming – it really helps when you have got a good team around you to support you through the highs and the lows."

Aimie was reunited with her kids on 13th May. She shared the video of her return with University Hospitals of Derby and Burton.

Describing what it was like to be back with her family, Aimie said: “It was so lovely and also very emotional to be reunited with my children again."

She says her daughter Ivy wants to be a nurse one day, after seeing what her mum does. Aimie added: "Her original career route was to become a princess.”

  • Watch the touching moment nurse Aimie was reunited with her kids.

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