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Police warn visitors to stay away as Derbyshire beauty spots see bank holiday rush

Credit: BPM Media

It's a Bank Holiday weekend when many of us might normally spend some time away, whether here in the Midlands or further afield.

But, the coronavirus pandemic means these are anything but normal times and some of the region's most popular tourist destinations are urging us all to stay away.

Police say tourists are failing to heed warnings to stay away from the Peak District as the beauty spot becomes busier during the hot weather.

Photos show long lines of parked cars, piles of rubbish and burnt-out barbecues in parts of Derbyshire after lockdown restrictions were eased.

Credit: BPM Media
Credit: BPM Media

In the Manifold Valley, a huge amount of litter and charred barbecues were left behind by visitors last weekend.

Credit: BPM Media

People in the village have tried so hard to abide by the rules, but people coming in and using the equipment could pass on the virus and ruin everything.

“Two parishioners did a litter pick in the Manifold Valley where lots of litter was left.

“Cars were parked along the Manifold Valley near Thor’s Cave.

“Emergency vehicles couldn’t get through in some places because of badly parked cars.

"Dovedale was also horrendous."

– Maggie Risby, clerk of Butterton Parish Council

Our reporter Rajiv Popat has been asking people who were out and about in Matlock Bath what they thought about police and councils urging people to stay away.