Say hello to Staffordshire Police's latest furry recruits

Left: PC Tatton and PD Titus. Right: PC Jone and PD Vixen. Credit: Staffordshire Police

Staffordshire Police has welcomed two new police dogs to the force.

PD Vixen and Titus are currently going through training, learning how to chase suspects, search buildings and find missing people. If they successfully pass their course in a few weeks' time, they'll be ready to join the frontline.

Vixen is 14-month-old Dutch Herder, working alongside PC Jones. Titus is a 20-month-old German Shepherd who is paired with experienced handler PC Tatton.

PC Jones, who joined the dog unit in March, said: "Although I enjoyed working on response, I have always wanted to be a dog handler so to now be in training, especially with a dog like Vixen, is a brilliant experience.

"She has settled right in both at home and at work, and is taking everything in her stride. Our bond is growing every day. Both PD Vixen and PD Titus are making great progress and although the course is intensive, it’s been incredibly rewarding so far."

We wish them the best of luck!