Impressive mural in Digbeth honours key workers fighting coronavirus

The mural is in Digbeth in Birmingham and has been designed by local artist Gent 48. Credit: Edwin Ladd

A mural inspired by coronavirus and the community effort to combat it has been created in Digbeth in Birmingham.

The impressive street art, designed by artist Gent 48, shows how people and key workers are battling the virus.

The original design and print copies will then be auctioned off to raise money for charity.

The mural has been designed to make money for charity. Credit: Edwin Ladd

A spokesperson for the campaign, Forward in Unity, said: "Rather than a one-off, we envision this as being the start of an opportunity to harness the creativity rife in the city for further charitable efforts going forward."

"We seek to utilise this creative spirit as the driving force behind regular fundraising efforts, ensuring that local charities that require support may benefit from the Brummie spirit for many years to come."