Recruitment drive for next stages of human trials for Covid-19 vaccine

The trials now want to assess the success of the vaccine on healthy front line workers Credit: PA

Human trials on a vaccine for Covid-19 are to begin in Nottingham, as the research enters phases two and three.

The vaccine has been developed by researches at the University of Oxford, and now the University of Nottingham is recruiting for the next stage of the trial.

Phase one of the trial began in healthy adult volunteers in April, with more than 1,000 people involved. They were given the vaccine, and follow-up work is now ongoing.

The trials now want to assess the success of the vaccine on healthy front line workers Credit: PA

The next stage of research involves increasing the age range of those taking part, and also include children.

It will enrol more than 10,000 adults and children across the country, including in the University of Nottingham Health Service.

Initially it is high exposure workers, particularly frontline health care workers in the East Midlands, aged between 18 and 55, that are being invited to take part. That will be followed by volunteers aged 56-69, and 70 and older.

After completion of a questionnaire, screening visits will begin today, at the Cripps Medical Centre at the university.

The research is one of 41 coronavirus studies taking place as a response to the global pandemic, which are being supported by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

The research is being expanded to include older people and children Credit: ITV News Central

In phase two of the study, researchers will assess the immune response to the vaccine in people of different ages, to find out if there is variation in how well the immune system responds in older people or children.

In phase three, a large number of people over 18 will be assessed to find out how well the vaccine works to prevent people from becoming infected and unwell with Covid-19.

Researchers say the study aims to assess how well people across a broad range of ages could be protected from Covid-19 with this new vaccine called ChAdOx1 nCoV-19.

They say it will also provide valuable information on safety aspects of the vaccine and its ability to generate good immune responses against the virus.

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