Shocking image shows biker on an off-road motorcycle with a toddler sat on his lap

West Midlands Police have released a shocking image showing a biker riding on parkland on an off-road motorcycle with a toddler sat on his lap.

The 28-year-old man was spotted by a police helicopter in Coventry on Sunday.

The two-year-old child that was on his knee was handed to family members before the man sped off in an attempt to out-run the helicopter.

He was detained near Old Church Lane, Longford, where the bike was seized.

The man was issued with a Notice of Intended prosecution for careless driving and riding a bike in a dangerous condition.

West Midlands Police say they will liaise with the Crown Prosecution Service over the possibility of additional charges.

Referrals have also been made to child services due to the potential harm the child was subjected to on the bike.

It’s hard to believe anyone would expose any child, let alone their own, to such danger. The child was balanced precariously on the rider’s lap, obviously with no helmet or protective clothing, as he rode across grassland.

Traffic Sergeant Mitch Darby