Twycross Zoo calls for donations as it turns 57

Twycross Zoo is calling for donations as it turns 57 during the pandemic. Credit: PA

Twycross Zoo is calling for donations as it turns 57 during the pandemic.

Twycross Zoo opened its gates on 26 May 1963, and hoped to celebrate its anniversary this year with visitors.

The zoo instead closed its gates in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, and it is now struggling with mounting costs and income that has "all but dried up."

Dr Sharon Redrobe, CEO of Twycross Zoo, said: “We’re experiencing a very uncertain time, and we’ve never been closed this long in our history.”

Extra safety measures have also since been introduced at zoos to protect health of animals and keepers, including at Twycross Zoo.

Two Sumatran tigers recently arrived at Twycross Zoo for the first time in 15 years. Credit: ITV News Central

So far the zoo has been surviving on its reserves, and from donations from supporters.

However, these reserves run out in June, and so the zoo is now calling for help in the form of donations from supporters and visitors "of the past and future."

It also hopes to be able to open again soon, because its size will mean it is possible to keep staff and visitors safe.

In order to keep operating the zoo has been relying on its reserves (which run out in June), as well as donations from its many supporters. It is vital that this work continues in support of the UK’s commitment to global biodiversity.

Dr Sharon Redrobe OBE, CEO of Twycross Zoo

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