Billions to be spent connecting bus and rail users to HS2

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New plans have been announced to give villages, towns and cities in the East Midlands direct access to HS2.

The scheme involves spending billions of pounds on new bus, rail and tram connections to the high speed line's hub at Toton in Nottinghamshire.

With claims it'll help create 84,000 skilled jobs, business groups says it's a blueprint for using HS2 to regenerate the whole region.

"What we're going to have in the middle of the country, in the middle of the East Midlands, with the M1 going right up the centre is a real place. A hot-spot for growth and investment, businesses will want to come, families will want to come to and locate to. And actually we can see something for the East Midlands that will place us literally and metaphorically at the centre of UK growth for a long time to come".

Chris Hobson, East Midlands Chamber of Commerce
25 yrs

How long the three phrased-project will take to complete

The project is over 25 years and split into three phases. The first involves extending Nottingham's tram network to Toton, new bus services to and from the HS2 Hub, and new train services between Mansfield, Derby and Leicester, by re-opening the disused Maid Marian railway line.

The next phase would see a new railway station at East Midlands Airport - allowing for direct journeys to Leicester, Derby & Nottingham.

The final phase would include new rail links to South Derby & Rolls Royce, a tram-train serving Long Eaton, and new housing near the airport.


The amount of jobs the project could create

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