Life in Lockdown - so what's life and news coverage like for you in lockdown?

Well in a new series, our Presenter Bob Warman wants to hear from you to share some of your thoughts on ITV News Central's coverage of the week's lockdown-related stories.

It could be a story you've caught up with on our programme or social media channels that made you smile, or something about:

  • people helping others across the East and West Midlands

  • doing a good deed

  • something you've come up with during lockdown, like a poem

  • a shout-out to a community hero or heroine during the lockdown

  • top tips to get through the lockdown

  • what lockdown-related story on ITV Central made you smile this week- and why

Email us at with the title "Life in Lockdown", and tell us where you're from, and we'll share them out soon.

Get in touch with us - we'd love to hear from you.