Bottled water stations open in Staffordshire after water shortage

Severn Trent is opening three bottled water stations for people in Staffordshire who are experiencing water shortages.

Over the last two nights some residents in Staffordshire have been experiencing low water pressure or no supply because of an increased demand for treated water.

It is reported that water demand is 20% above normal for this time of year and as a result Severn Trent has decided to offer customers the opportunity to collect free bottled water in case of any supply issues tonight.

This is what a bottled water station looks like:

Bottled water can be located at:

  • Colwich and Little Haywood Village Hall, Chilwell Avenue, Little Haywood ST18 0QZ

  • Brocton Village Hall, Oldacre Lane, Bocton ST17 0TW

  • Hixon Memorial Hall, High Street, Hixon ST18 0QF

The company are also asking customers to stop using sprinklers during this time in order to help get demand under control.

They also have a list of tips on how to save water on their website.