Police called to BBQ party in Birmingham park

The gathering at Sunset Park in Lee Bank started at around 3 pm yesterday. Credit: BPM Media

Police were called when around 80 people gathered for a barbecue and party in a public park in Birmingham.

The gathering at Sunset Park in Lee Bank started at around 3 pm yesterday afternoon and continued into the evening, despite lockdown restrictions still being in place.

West Midlands Police were called and said officers had engaged withthe group but took no action.

One resident, who got just two hours sleep, said: “It’s ridiculous. It’s happened a few times with groups of eight people gathering. On Friday night there were about 40 people and there was at least 80 last night.

“It started off with a barbecue and they had sound equipment so it quickly turned into an outdoor party."

The resident added: “They were causing a mess, they were parking outside the narrow strip around the development and causing chaos. They were turning up throughout the day.”

People said someone turned up on a quad bike, revving his engine. I reported it to the police as it was getting louder and louder. Even with the windows shut, you could still hear the bass. The police sent two officers who pottered about a bit and disappeared.

Local resident

The anonymous resident added: “Ever since the lockdown, it’s beengetting worse and worse. I have a distinct feeling that the residents aren’t from the development.”

A police spokeswoman said: “We’ve had several reports of largegatherings at Sunset Park over the past few days and are continuing topatrol the area."

Our approach from the start of the lockdown has been to engage, explain and encourage, with enforcement as a last resort. We continue to urge the public to stick to the rules around social distancing.

Police spokeswoman

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