Midlands photographs chosen for historic lockdown collection

Eighteen images taken in the Midlands have been added to an archive that shows life in lockdown. Credit: Morgan Wallace and Helen Roberts

Eighteen images taken in the West Midlands and East Midlands have been added to an archive that shows life in lockdown. .

Credit: Telly Vision
Credit: Esther Johnson

Today (June 2) the Historic England Archive has revealed 18 photographs from the region which are part of 100 public submissions. They can now be viewed for free online as part of the archive.

Credit: Helen Roberts
Credit: Corinne Hills

Photographs were taken across the region including in Birmingham, Nottingham, Newark, Shrewsbury, Smethwick and Sutton Coldfield.

Credit: Clare Rumble
Credit: Paul Hindle

The public were asked to submit images that helped show life in lockdown for the Historic England Archive's 'Picturing Lockdown Collection'.

It was the first time the public had been asked to capture a moment in time to be saved in the Historic England Archive since the Second World War.

Credit: Telly Vision
Credit: Shaun Higginbotham

Nearly 3,000 photos were submitted from people across England after this week long call out for submissions, after the public were asked to share photographs that documented life between seven days in lockdown (from April 29 - May 5).

Credit: Laura Gale
Credit: Anthea Turnbull

The 'Picturing Lockdown Collection' now features 200 images, including 100 public submissions, and 50 commissioned pieces of work by 10 artists - who were also asked to produce images documenting lockdown.

One of these artists is Anand Chhabra, a Black Country based photographer.

Anand Chhabra is a Black Country based photographer. Credit: Anand Chhabra

Bella Milroy from Chesterfield were also commissioned to take photographs for the collection.

Bella Milroy from Chesterfield were also commissioned to take photographs for the collection. Credit: Bella Milroy

The artists were also asked to choose their favourite public submission from their region.

Anand Chhabra chose a photo of a poster showing Bruce Forsyth and a twist on his catchphrase. It was taken by a Birmingham Resident, Telly Vision.

Credit: Telly Vision

"I have chosen the picture taken of Bruce Forsyth and nice two metre, two metre nice! I think it's the one image that caused an emotive reaction in me. It's great because of the humour of the image uplifts you. It also speaks of the Brummie humour as well in tough times."

Anand Chhabra

Bella Milroy also chose an image from the East Midlands photos.

She chose a photo of shopping - bag of oranges - being washed with soapy water. It was taken by Steven Murray in Chesterfield.

Credit: Steven Murray

"It had a really powerful visual domestic presence of lockdown to the image, and I really liked the way something so familiar like household fruit could become abstracted in this scene, capturing these new household practices of lockdown. I think it will be a powerful and important addition to the archive."

Bella Milroy
Credit: Philip Shaw
Credit: Morgan Wallace

"The fascinating response to our Picturing Lockdown call-out sheds light on our collective and individual experiences of lockdown and provide a snapshot into this unusual time that will be accessible for future generations to see and learn from." "Our thanks go out to all who submitted their work, to our contemporary artist Anand Chhabra, and to our photography team who have produced an inspiring range of images."

Louise Brennan, Director of Midlands Region at Historic England
Credit: Angela Darlaston
Credit: Tony Fisher

Other images in the collection can be viewed here.

Credit: Antony Antoniou
Credit: Alastair White

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