WATCH: Burglars calmly discuss what to steal in Nottingham home

CCTV footage showing a group of men calmly stealing electrical items from a house in Nottingham has been released by Nottinghamshire Police.

The burglary occurred at around 11.30pm on February 7 2020 when three men entered the property in Old Basford.

The masked men stole a number of items, from a sitting room in Vernon Park Drive, including watches, a Playstation, Alexa and a laptop.

WATCH: Burglars calmly discuss what to steal.

The group were in and out of the property within 70 seconds, where they discussed amongst themselves what to steal before clutching onto the stolen items and leaving.

However they returned for a second time, around 45-minutes later, to steal further items.

WATCH: Burglars return to the property for a second time.

The owner of the house, 58-year-old Tony Williams, said he's "still hurting" and is "distraught" by what happened to his home earlier this year.

Mr Williams was working a night-shift at a local pub when the incidents took place and hopes that the clear footage helps to identify the men in connection to the burglaries.

Police are appealing for information and witnesses following the two burglaries that took place at the same house.

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