On his 10th birthday Sam Rogers' grandparents gave him a model car of the DeLorean Time Machine from the popular 80s movie 'Back to the Future'.

As a child he was fascinated by how the movie illustrated flight and says that there is "something about hovering that is just so magic to witness".

His fascination with flying stayed with him and, now 24, Sam is a design lead and test pilot for the British aeronautical innovation company Gravity Industries.

The Loughborough University graduate designs and develops the company's Jet Suit (a suit that allows its wearer to fly) and flies it worldwide as a test pilot.

Now Sam has mixed work with pleasure in a personal project.

For the first time ever Sam has recreated this cinematic shot from Back to the Future of him flying alongside the DeLorean time machine on a hoverboard.

Sam says he had a lot of support during the recreation of the scene and his grandparents, who bought him the toy car, were especially enthusiastic.

But to make it work Sam had to first learn to fly the Jet Suit with the hoverboard prop attached to his feet.

He says he attached the board with velcro to his boots to give a more authentic look.

Sam admitted that being bolted to the board was difficult at first as he normally relies on both legs for landing. But he persevered and eventually he managed to fly the Jet Suit with the board in tow.

Next he had to get his hands on a life sized, fully functioning DeLorean time machine car to feature in the shoot. Luckily, whilst he was working at Yeovilton Air Show last summer he spotted the car and its owner was on board with his idea.

Add in a runway with a sunset and he was finally ready for take off.