Black Lives Matter solidarity takes place across Midlands

Demonstrations are being held across the Midlands in response to the death of a black man thousands of miles away in America.

Buildings were bathed in purple last night in memory of George Floyd, who died after being restrained by a police officer despite him saying he couldn't breathe.

Protests have been sparked around the world in response to George Floyd's death Credit: ITV News

In Nottingham, the Council House and Wollaton Hall were illuminated.

Nottingham's Council House lit up in solidarity Credit: ITV News Central

In Selly Park in Birmingham, people they gathered in solidarity with the family and friends of Mr Floyd.

In America, there have been riots and angry protests. But here, there was a peaceful demonstration in the rain.

Last night, buildings in Birmingham were also bathed in purple.

Birmingham Library lit up purple Credit: ITV News Central

While in Coventry, hundreds marched to a police station before returning to the city centre.

Organisers told us they believe people had respected their request to social distance.

And they say although George Floyd died thousands of miles away, it's affected people deeply in this country.

Artwork has been sprayed onto a building in recognition of the Black Lives Matter cause Credit: ITV News Central

Artist Mohammed Ali was also inspired to spray graffiti art onto a building in King's Heath, in response to the important issues being raised.

  • Reverend Eve Pitts is the vicar at the Holy Trinity Church in Birchfield. She expressed her thoughts about how the death of George Floyd in America has sparked global protests against racism and police brutality.

Another protest is being held in Birmingham tomorrow, and this weekend, marches and demonstrations will take place in other cities like Nottingham and Leicester.

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