A water company has apologised to customers who were woken up in the middle of the night by an automated phone call.

People have been complaining online that they had received a call from Severn Trent about changes in water pressure.

The company has been asking people to conserve water over the last few days because of a surge in demand, which it had never experienced before.

It was leaving customers with low water pressure, or in some cases, no running water at all.

Bottled water stations were opened up in Staffordshire for those affected.

But as part of their campaign to make people aware of conserving water, there appears to have been an error in Severn Trent's automated phone system.

Severn Trent has been apologising to people who vented their frustrations on Twitter, saying the problem was down to a technical error which led to calls going out at the wrong time.

In a statement, the company told ITV News Central that "there was a fault in a third-party system."

We’re incredibly sorry this has happened.

Severn Trent statement

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