A Notts County fan has posted an emotional video thanking well-wishers, including first team players and ex-players, who've rushed to his support after he was subjected to racist messages online.

Brandon Chambers, who's a secondary school manager, received the abusive messages after he was supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement online.

In one public, racist message Brandon was referred to as "a monkey" and was told to "stop chimping around".

Brandon says when he first read the comments he was shocked but he tried to make himself feel better by making it into a joke.

In reality he was so upset by the comments he couldn't stop crying and says it "broke him completely".

Brandon says he wanted people to know that their words do hurt and it wasn't OK.

He posted a video saying that the comments "hit home hard".

In it he reflects on the comments made towards him, saying: "It's pretty hurtful, especially with everything that's going on at the moment. We're in 2020. It shouldn't be happening."

"I don't expect to turn my phone one and see someone call me a chimp. I don't expect to see that and I don't want to see that".

Notts County players rushed to Brandon's defence after he posted his video online.

Now it has been shared by numerous footballers, commentators, athletes and fans from across the country.

Brandon says it's reassuring to see that so many people condone what was said to him.

He added: "These people don't know me but they took the time to follow me, direct message me and support me."

Brandon received numerous tweets and direct messages from football players giving their support. Credit: Brandon Chambers Twitter

Brandon says he is extremely grateful for the solidarity people showed towards him.

He said that even though he is hurting he will bounce back, happy in the knowledge that "racists won't win".

He says he wants to keep speaking up about racism and he is considering attending a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest on Sunday in Nottingham.

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