Coronavirus survivor donating blood plasma to help those in intensive care

A Clinical Development Manager for NHS 111 in Derbyshire is hoping tohelp others following her experience of Covid-19.

Soon, Kerry Collins will take part in a clinical trial which involves taking plasma from the blood of someone who had contracted coronavirus, to see if a transfusion could help those in intensive care by boosting their immune response.

It was in late March, Kerry began to lose her sense of taste and smell whilst working from home.

She had no cough, but began to feel extremely tired and signed off sick.

After developing a fever she had a test on 6th April that confirmed that she had contracted coronavirus.

I never felt so poorly in all my life.”

Kerry Collins

It's been a slow recovery process, but Kerry was keen to get something positive from her illness and searched for Covid-19 clinical trials.

I wanted to do something proactive, and researched clinical trials early on so have been able to get involved relatively quickly.”

Kerry Collins

Kerry has received confirmation that she has matched the trial criteria and is waiting to hear from the blood transplant team with details of when they would like her to attend to donate.

To find out more about donating plasma you can visit the NHS Blood and Transplant website.