Married couple sentenced after dumping Second World War Gas canisters in a lake

A married couple who dumped World War Two Mustard Gas canisters in a lake have been sentenced for possessing a chemical weapon.

Military enthusiast Martyn Tasker, 40, was sentenced to five years in prison after the discovery of 16 abandoned canisters at a former RAF based used in the Second World War.

Marytn Tasker was jailed for five years for possessing a chemical weapon Credit: Lincolnshire Police

He also admitted a separate charged of possessing two Bren machine guns.

His wife Michaela Tasker, 32, and friend Stuart Holmes, 51, were spared jail for their part in helping to dispose of the canisters at a lake in near Woodhall Spa, after receiving suspended sentences.

An 11-day clean-up operation was underway after the canisters were dumped Credit: ITV News Central

The three people have become the first people in the country to be sentenced for possession of a chemical weapon.

Their actions only came to light when two of the three individuals required medical treatment for burns and breathing problems.

The 11 day clean-up operation has been hailed the biggest of its kind and cost around £300,0000.

Second World War Mustard Gas canisters were dumped in a lake in Lincolnshire Credit: Lincolnshire Police

Lincolnshire Police described the trio as hugely irresponsible and reckless, putting the lives of the local community at risk.