Petition to remove a Gandhi statue in Leicester reaches over 6,000 signatures

Credit: ITV News Central

A petition to remove a statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Leicester has reached over 6,000 signatures.

Kerri Pangulier from Derby started the petition as she believes Gandhi was a 'racist and facist'.

She added that 'we should not praise that kind of character' and therefore wants the statue removed.

Others, disagree with Kerri's views and believe Gandhi was 'a peacemaker and changed the lives of millions'.

On Saturday evening, people gathered and formed a human chain around the statue near Belgrave Road - while holding pieces of white cloth.

Former Leicester East MP Keith Vaz joined in the human chain.

The statue, unveiled in 2009, is one of three erected in the UK in tribute to the Indian nationalist and civil rights icon, famous for his non-violent resistance to British colonial rule - the others being in London and Manchester.

Kerri said on Saturday (June 13) that she had been contacted by Leicester City Council to 'close the petition and formally submit it with presenting arguments'.

The city council said it would consider the petition as "part of a wider conversation about the wider conversation about the context, relevance and appropriateness of street names, statues and monuments in the city".