The areas where more than fifty people chase every job vacancy

There are eleven worst-hit areas across the country Credit: PA
  • Broxtowe

  • Bolsover

  • Telford

The three above-named areas in the East and West Midlands have been highlighted in a report where more than fifty unemployed people are chasing every job vacancy.

Broxtowe in Nottinghamshire, Telford in Shropshire and Bolsover in Derbyshire are among the eleven worst-hit local authorities, according to the study by the Institute for Employment Studies (IES).

Bolsover was named in the research Credit: PA

The report found former industrial and inner-city areas are seeing an average of 20 people claiming unemployment-related benefits for every job vacancy, up from around four people per vacancy before the coronavirus crisis began.

But in contrast, that number drops to an average of five unemployed people chasing every job in more affluent areas of England.

Some areas were found to have three or fewer unemployed people per vacancy, including Lincoln, Kensington and Chelsea in London and Chichester.

More than a third of all vacancies now being advertised are in health, education and social work, compared to just one in five before the crisis began.

There are fears August may bring more bad job news for many Credit: PA

In August employers must start covering pension contributions to employees, September will see the contribution from the Treasury fall from 80% to 70% and in October this reduces to 60%, sparking fears of more bad news for unemployment later this year.

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