Slurry dumped at beauty spot to stop visitors

Animal muck spread round notorious Blue Lagoon to stop day trippers Credit: BPM Media

A thick carpet of farm-fresh animal muck has been spread to deter day trippers to Derbyshire's notorious Blue Lagoon at Harpur Hill.

Farmers were up at dawn spreading the first layer of slurry from a trailer in a bid to put off visitors who arrive every sunny day and cause problems for villagers.

The layer of cow and pig slurry is reportedly the first of three coatings due to be spread around the privately owned former lime quarry, which attracts attention on social media because of its bright blue hue.

Despite warnings of the water being toxic, and even since a black dye was added to the lagoon, visitors have still been coming.

Villagers have reported being given abuse by the visitors, who park along pavements and block driveways, and people have even been seen urinating in gardens and at the church yard.

Spread slurry is the latest in a string of measures to put people off travelling to what is officially known as Hoffman Quarry, a former industrial lime dump. Police have also been helping by lining the streets with cones, to prevent nuisance parking.

But even on grey days the quarry is visited by dozens of people, who wheel barbecues and crates of alcohol up the path and light fires around the edge. And evidence of drug misuse is apparent all around the site.

The layer of slurry is being spread to deter visitors Credit: BPM Media

In hot weather, people are also seen swimming in the water, which is toxic and has the same PH value as bleach, despite signs warning of animal carcasses and old cars beneath the surface, as well as the danger of skin irritations from all the caustic chemicals.

The first layer of slurry is now in place, surrounding the edge of the quarry, and locals say another two layers will be spread out first thing tomorrow morning.

High Peak Borough Council has been contacted for comment.