Bob Warman back in the ITV Central studio

Bob Warman Credit: ITV News Central

ITV News Central's presenter Bob Warman has announced he will be back in our studios tomorrow.

Bob went into self-isolation following social distancing advice from the government to over-70's, despite having no Coronavirus symptoms.

At the start of Bob's isolation he told us that there's a novelty value to being at home, but he expects that it will wear off.

Now, Bob is itching to get back into work after his long break.

Bob said: "I've had the box ticked by my doctor and he says it's fine to go back to work provided that you follow all of the rules. I know in the studio everything is absolutely sorted out there and ITV is being very careful there. And, as far as I'm concerned it's all down to common sense, the first thing I will do when I get back to work is wash my hands."

Here is what Bob had to tell us today:

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