What did the 2 metre rule look like? We test knowledge

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a reduction in the social distancing rule from two metres to "one metre-plus" in England.

The change will make it easier for businesses to re-open and will come into effect from July 4.

It will allow hairdressers, pubs and barsto reopen their doors, along with other social settings, but did we ever really know what 2 metres looked like?

Our reporter Callum Watkinson has been getting creative with household items at Leasowes park in Halesowen. He asked people to place ball markings on what they thought was the two meter point.

By the end of his test, tens balls were placed in ten different spots, ranging from 1 metre 60 to 3 and a half metres....

  • People in the park who took part in the test said keeping two metres apart has been quite "hard".

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