Do you recognise him? Investigation launched after house and car damaged in arson series

Wheelie bin fires had already been reported in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Credit: West Midlands Police

Police have released imagery of a suspected arsonist believed to be linked to a series of bin fires in Coventry, including one yesterday morning that saw a house go up in flames.

Fire crew were called to the property in Lavender Avenue, Coundon at around 4.45 am after a wheelie bin fire spread to an adjacent house.

Fortunately, no-one was in at the time but the blaze still caused damage estimated at several thousand pounds.

It’s the latest in a series of similar arsons in the Coundon area in recent days.

They have launched an urgent investigation and warned that anyone caught deliberately setting fire to property faces jail for endangering life.

Coventry Police Chief Inspector Paul Minor, said: “These are truly senseless acts and ones that can have tragic consequences.

“Only last year we saw a man die when his mobility scooter was set alight in Jenner Street; the flames spread to his home and he was unable to escape in time.

“The offender has now admitted manslaughter and faces many years in prison.

“If anyone recognises the person caught on camera I would urge them to contact us straight away.”

Wheelie bin fires had already been reported in the early hours of Tuesday morning, including ones in Lavender Avenue, Redesdale Avenue and Banks Road which resulted in a car catching fire.

And a tree was also set alight in Browett Road on the same morning. Anyone with information is urged to contact the force.