Hundreds of youths descended on a Birmingham park for the second illegal rave inside a week - dumping "mountains" of rubbish and urinating in gardens.

The illegal rave saw around 400 people gather in Sorrel Park, Erdington, last night [June 25] and the music went on until the early hours of this morning.

It was the second similar event in less than a week after another party was held there last Saturday.

A furious resident said she repeatedly called West Midlands Police but was told just before 11 pm that it could not be shut down.

The force has been approached for comment.

The woman said girls dumped glass outside her home and she caught them urinating.

Erdington MP Jack Dromey spoke of his anger at households being disturbed again by the gathering, held in clear defiance of lockdown social distance rules.

It happened as West Midlands Police Chief Constable Dave Thompson urged people not to attend such events following a rave near Lichfield, Staffordshire, earlier this month.

CC Thompson tweeted: "Really tough I know but it’s creating a risk of infection but more seriously large unlicensed events are dangerous. A number of examples across the country. Let’s not see that in our region."

West Midlands Police Chief Constable Dave Thompson urged people not to attend such events. Credit: BPM Media

A resident said on Thursday night: "There are about 400 people there now. Egerton Road is blocked off by cars."

I have just caught three girls urinating on my property and leaving behind broken glass. The road is blocked off with cars. If an ambulance needed to come out of the back entrance of the ambulance hub they would not be able to get through.


Mr Dromey said: "Totally unacceptable that twice in a week hundreds of people have flocked to Sorrel Park in breach of social distancing regulations, disturbing residents and leaving a mountain of rubbish."

Cllr Mike Sharpe added: "l have been in contact with the residents and police since it started. This can’t be allowed to keep going on."

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