When will gyms reopen? Staffordshire weightlifter Eddie Hall has strong opinions

Credit: PA

Former World's Strongest Man Eddie Hall has written to MPs urging them to open gyms, swimming pools and leisure centres as soon as possible.

In the letter Eddie says it's unfair that gyms- where people can improve their mental and physical health- cannot reopen even though pubs can from July 4th.

He told us "It's a place for people to go to let the stress out, to get out the aggression, to forget the worries and forget what's happening in the world right now."

He added "I believe pubs and clubs are a part of people releasing stress and having a drink and socialising, of course, I've got nothing against that. But why open pubs and clubs and not the gyms?"

In his two page letter which he posted on Twitter Eddie calls the decision not to reopen gyms "baffling, frustrating, nonsensical, and downright unfair".

He goes on to say that MPs need to "act now, and right this injustice."

Andy Bevan reports: