East Midlands Weather: Heavy rain over Derbyshire hills, drier and brighter elsewhere

Today: Cloudy with heavy rain continuing to affect the Derbyshire hills. Elsewhere, it will be mostly cloudy, but drier in southern and eastern areas, with some brighter spells. Generally a windy day for many, especially over the hills. Feeling much cooler.

Tonight: Further rain persisting across the Derbyshire hills, where locally heavy. Elsewhere, it will be mostly cloudy and dry, with some clear spells. It will stay on the windy side.

Monday: Cloudy with further rain, heavy and persistent, affecting the Derbyshire hills. The rain will slowly turn more showery, before gradually easing later. Windy and feeling rather cool.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday: Tuesday will see a mixture of bright or sunny spells and scattered showers, locally heavy. Further scattered and slow-moving showers on Wednesday. Drier and brighter on Thursday, with light winds.