More police to patrol Leicester this weekend than on New Year's Eve

Police cars patrol Leicester city centre after the Health Secretary announces a local lockdown Credit: PA

Police in Leicester are preparing for a busy few days as the city faces its first weekend in local lockdown.

Pubs, restaurants and non-essential shops will remain closed despite reopening across the rest of the country tomorrow (4th July).

Leicestershire Police says it will have more officers on duty than a typical New Year's Eve to ensure that lockdown rules are followed.

Extra transport officers will also be patrolling Leicester train station to ensure that people are not going on non-essential journeys.

Pubs are set to reopen Credit: PA

Pubs and restaurants across the rest of the country will reopen on Saturday for the first time since the national lockdown was introduced back in March. However, there will be drastic changes to the way they operate.

What changes can you expect to see inside the pub?

  • Face coverings for staff - but not clinical face masks and other PPE which are needed in hospitals.

  • Guestbook - venues should keep a record of all their customers for 21 days in order to help the NHS trace any outbreaks.

  • One-way systems - single-direction traffic inside pubs and restaurants can ensure people do not cross paths.

  • Hand sanitiser - customers should be encouraged to clean their hands when coming into a venue.

  • Apps - orders should be placed without contact and from the table, including via smartphone apps.

  • No live performances - pub bands will be banned.

  • No loud music - people should not have to raise their voices, which can increase transmission.

  • No self-service - diners should not be allowed to fetch their own cutlery, condiments or food.

  • Lots of waiters - tables should be served by the same person each time.

  • Ketchup bottles - only disposable condiments should be used, or non-disposable condiment containers should be cleaned after each use.

  • Walls - outdoor areas should be well ventilated, which could involve "increasing the open sides of a covered area", the guidance said.

  • Toilet doors - customer toilets should be well ventilated, including "fixing doors open where appropriate".

Despite the lockdown easing, some pubs that are allowed to reopen are choosing to remain shut.

Among them is The White Horse in the Leicestershire village of Quorn, which says it attracts customers from all parts of Leicestershire and feels it needs to try and do its bit in preventing the further spread of the virus.

The Needle and Pin in Loughborough will also not be reopening this weekend, but will be continuing with deliveries. The micropub is concerned that if it reopens too soon, it would put customers and staff at risk.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson will urge the public not to overdo it when pubs and restaurants reopen in a warning that the health of the economy “is dependent on every single one of us acting responsibly”.

The Prime Minister will lead a Downing Street press conference ahead of the easing of the lockdown in England on Saturday, which will be a major test for keeping coronavirus transmission down.

He is expected to impel people to act safely or run the risk of the Government “putting on the brakes” and bringing back severe restrictions, as has been witnessed in Leicester.

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