Nottingham particularly affected: Boots to cut 4000 jobs in wake of Covid-19 pandemic

High street pharmacy chain Boots has said it expects to cut more than 4,000jobs as part of action to mitigate the "significant impact" of Covid-19.

The move will affect around 7% of the company's workforce and will particularlyaffect staff in its Nottingham support office.

Other roles affected will be some deputy and assistant manager, beauty adviser andcustomer adviser roles across its stores.

It will also mean closure of 48 Boots Opticians stores.The restructuring will also result in the closure of 48 Boots Opticiansstores.


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Sebastian James, managing director of Boots UK, said that the proposals were 'decisive actions to accelerate our transformation plan, allow Boots tocontinue its vital role as part of the UK health system, and ensure profitablelong-term growth.'

He added that he was grateful to all staff for their 'dedication' during the 'last few challenging months'.

We recognise that today's proposals will be very difficult for the remarkable people who make up the heart of our business, and we will do everything in our power to provide the fullest support during this time.

Sebastian James, managing director, Boots UK