Couple hold hands as they say final goodbye after 62 years of marriage

John and Marjorie Wilson Credit: BPM Media

A couple married for 62 years were able to say a precious final goodbye with the help of their hospital nurse.

John Wilson, 92, was given the heartbreaking news at the end of May that he had terminal cancer, at the same time as his beloved wife Marjorie, 88, was also being cared for separately at Queen's Hospital Burton.Nurse, Emma Barker heard that Mrs Wilson was set to be discharged with the chance of her never seeing her husband again.

Quickly she arranged for the couple's beds to be pulled together so that they could say goodbye one final time.Mr and Mrs Wilson were able to sit beside each other on their own holding hands for around 10 minutes whilst their nurse took a picture of the Ashbourne couple together.Sadly, it would turn out to be their last photo together, as Mr Wilson died at home on June 15th.

 In a letter to the hospital, their son Kurt thanked the team for taking the photo and for ensuring his dad was able to "die how he wanted to, peacefully and in my arms".

Letter written by their son Kurt to the hospital. Credit: BPM Media