Injured pony found 'dumped' on side of road in Worcestershire

The injured pony which is thought to have been abandoned in Worcestershire. Credit: RSPCA

The RSCPA are appealing for information after an injured Shetland pony was found alone at the side of a road in Worcestershire. 

He was discovered on his own by two members of public walking along the Hanley Road near Upton-upon-Severn last Friday (3 July).

This poor pony had a nasty degloving injury to his front leg which was dripping blood and causing him difficulties walking. Apart from that, he was in good condition and recently clipped as well.

However, there was no microchip, so we’ve been trying to find a possible owner but sadly we’ve had no luck so far, leading me to believe he could have been dumped.

Emily Cheeseman, RSPCA inspector

The animal welfare charity say due to the severity of his injury, he's still at the equine hospital.

The team have named the pony Axl - as it’s similar to Axilla, the term for where his injury was on the body. They say they're "really hopeful" he’ll pull through.

Axl was found walking along the Hanley Road near Upton-upon-Severn. Credit: RSPCA

Axl’s suspected abandonment comes as the RSPCA braces itself for a surge in cases. 

It’s as fears grow about the likely fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, which could see more owners struggling to keep their pets. 


Reports about animals being dumped in Worcestershire over the summer months.

This is the toughest year yet for the RSPCA despite the huge challenges, our amazing teams have been continuing to rescue animals throughout this crisis.

I’d urge anyone struggling with their pet to ask for help. Animals have been there to help us through the crisis, please don’t abandon them now.

Dermot Murphy, Head of the RSPCA’s animal rescue teams

What people can do if they’re struggling to care for their pets:

  • Ask friends and family for help

  • Contact your vet about payment plans, discounts or vouchers for neutering or any other treatment needed

  • Get in touch with local rehoming charities for advice

  • Visit the RSPCA website for welfare advice

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