'Honourable' volunteer police officer dies at home seven months after being hit by a car while on duty

Resham Singh Nahal (left) was a Special Constable for West Midlands Police Credit: BPM Media

A West Midlands Police special constable has died more than seven months after suffering life-changing injuries when he was struck by a car in the line of duty.

52-year-old Resham Singh Nahal, from Birmingham, suffered leg injuries in a crash on Wolverhampton Road, Oldbury, in November last year.

Yesterday (July 10) the force's Chief Constable Dave Thompson revealed 'with a heavy heart' that Mr Nahal had passed away on June 26.

I was devastated that on 26 June, Special Constable Resham Singh Nahal died at his home. Resham was at home after suffering life changing injuries from an RTC when on duty last year. I spoke to him on the Monday on the week of his death and we discussed how he could continue as a Special and how he was recovering. He was an honourable officer and a man of great faith.

David Thompson, West Midlands Chief Constable

It is unclear if the injuries sustained by Mr Nahal while on duty contributed to his death.

According to CC Thompson, a post-mortem will determine if his death relates to his injury but the force will honour his service when his funeral can take placeMr Nahal, who had 15 years of experience in the role, worked as part of the Force Support Unit in areas across the West Midlands.

The National Sikh Police Association UK tweeted its condolences regarding 'the devastating news of the death of Special Constable Resham Singh Nahal'.

West Midlands police and crime commissioner David Jamieson said: "Resham was an amazing special constable who volunteered for the force for many years, protecting the public and helping those in need.

"His death is a tragic loss for his friends, family and colleagues in the police force."