Coronavirus survivor who spent more than 100 days in hospital returns home

Paul Hodgskin was admitted to the hospital with suspected COVID at the end of March. Credit: SHREWSBURY AND TELFORD HOSPITAL NHS TRUST

A coronavirus survivor who has spent more than 100 days in hospital has been allowed to return home.

Paul Hodgskin, from Telford, was given a 10 per cent chance of survival by medics at The Princess Royal Hospital.

He was admitted to the hospital with suspected COVID at the end of March and he was put into a coma the very next day.

Paul's partner Sue said remaining hopeful was important during times that were the hardest.

She said: "Particularly when things were really bad and you would speak to ITU and they'd say he hasn't improved and it's hour by hour at this stage, and I always used to say to them, is he any worse today?

"And they'd say well no, he's no worse and I'd say well that's what I'll hang onto for today, that he isn't any worse."

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At one point over Easter, we were told that he had a 10 per cent chance of surviving and that really the options were sort of running out for him. If there is a percentage chance, then there is hope. And you've got to hang onto that.

Paul's partner, Sue Dhingra

Even though he'd survived COVID-19, it's left many scars behind. The last six weeks have been all about rehab - learning to walk, learning to swallow, and learning to breathe.

Sue added: "The week before he became ill, we were talking about moving house, getting married and going to Vietnam next year. And in the space of, sort of, a few days, it's just all gone. But actually, all that matters is that he's here."

Paul was applauded by staff when he came out of ITU and again at the weekend when he left Bridgnorth Community Hospital.

Catherine Reid reports on Paul's journey to recovery.

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