Fox cub becomes best friends with dog after vet releases it in garden after injury

A fox cub that was released into a garden after being treated by a vet has become best friends with the family dog, with the pair regularly playing together.

The vet from Sutton Coldfield looked after the 12-week-old fox cub when it was taken into her veterinary surgery in Great Barr after it was hit by a car in April

The fox had a broken leg, and after she was operated on, she brought her to her parents' home for six weeks of recuperation.

The fox suffered injuries after being hit by a car Credit: Colin Troman

Once it was given the all clear, she released it into her the garden, as they thought it would be a safe place to do so, as they often saw foxes there.

But after a day, the cub returned, and has stayed ever since.

Colin Troman has been able to take plenty of photographs and videos of the fox Credit: Colin Troman

Colin Troman, the vet's father, says they have now named the fox Vex, and often watch it happily playing with their dog, Olive.

Vex loves to relax in the garden Credit: Colin Troman