At least one person who tested positive for coronavirus has left farm in Herefordshire

At least one person who has tested positive for coronavirus has left a farm in Herefordshire, where 200 others are being quarantined.

There have been 75 confirmed cases of Covid-19 on the vegetable farm in Mathon - and local authorities have asked all workers to stay on site to contain the outbreak.

Food and essential supplies are being sent in to the residents while they self-isolate. It's the second local outbreak of the virus across the Midlands after Leicester.

The family-run farm Credit: ITV News Central

Following the positive cases, staff have been asked to remain in the onsite accommodation to contain the outbreak, but not all have stayed.

Helen Carter of Public Health England, West Midlands, says they are aware of a small number of individuals who have left the farm and are working with the police to try and trace them.

These individuals might have decided to leave the site and go and isolate elsewhere, but we are urgently trying to get in touch with them so that we can ascertain that.

Helen Carter Public Health England, West Midlands

Public Health England says those that have stayed on the site have been split into three groups.

  • Those who have tested positive for coronavirus

  • Those who have come into contact with those who have tested positive

  • Those whose tests have come back as negative

The family-run farm that grows and packs vegetables for supermarkets and wholesalers.

They say their workforce and local community is their priority during this outbreak - but that shoppers should be reassured that Public Health England says it's unlikely Covid-19 can be transmitted through food or food packaging.

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