School wins five national awards in a single year

Students from Walton Priory Middle School collecting their prize fund. Credit: Students from Walton Priory Middle School collecting their prize fund.

Students and teachers at a school in Staffordshire are celebrating after winning thousands of pounds - following them winning five national awards.

Walton Priory Middle School has been awarded £19,000 this year.

Many of the school's accolades were in STEM subjects, leading to the school spending a big portion of their prize money on improving their design and technology department.

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics and refers to any subjects that fall under these four categories.

There has been a big focus by the government on improving the national outcome of these subjects, aimed at boosting the effectiveness of UK industries to help improve the economy.

Walton Priory Middle School's 'STEM specialist', Mr Gordon Taylor, was awarded the ERA Foundation's "Engineering Teacher of the Year" for his enthusiasm and skill in getting children engaged with all aspects of the practical curriculum.

The children at Walton Priory are amazing. They're smart and confident, with the ability to explain clearly to judges all aspects of their highly technical projects. It's an absolute joy to work with such highly-motivated pupils.

Mr Gordon Taylor
Lucy Medicatwin and Alice Williamson Credit: Walton Priory Middle School

What awards did the students win?

  • First prize in the OVO Energy Young Innovators Challenge.

  • Finalists in the British Science Association's Youth Industrial Strategy Challenge.

  • KS3 Winners of The National Enterprise Challenge.

  • Runners-up in the Longitude Explorer Prize where they were awarded £10,000

We offer STEM lessons to every child in the school and there's a range of extra-curricular clubs too. Our repeated wins (from an LEA Middle School) at national level have surprised many people, not least because we don't have the specialised equipment that's common in many high schools.

Headteacher Mrs Lindsay Taylor Potts

Students celebrating their victory. Credit: Walton Priory Middle School