Could this be ITV Central presenter Bob Warman's doppelganger?

200720 Bob Twin Library of Congress
Credit: Library of Congress / ITV News Central

The Library of Congress, in Washington in America, recently contacted ITV News Central, in Birmingham in England, with a photograph of what appeared to be a familiar face.

The email read:

The biggest library in the world, which holds America's oldest collection of works, also attached the following image:

Bob's look-alike was found in the world's biggest library. Credit: Library of Congress.

After receiving the email, staff at ITV News Central could not believe how similar the man in the photograph looked to Bob Warman.

Bob Warman is currently ITV News Central's longest serving presenter Credit: ITV News Central

Who is Bob Warman?

Bob Warman is currently the longest serving anchorman for ITV News Central.

Mr Warman was born in Walsall in Birmingham and studied at Wrekin College in Wellington.

He is also the president for the Birmingham Press Club, the world's oldest Press Club, and an honorary Vice-President of the Journalists’ Charity. 

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