Meet the first black president of the Birmingham Law Society

Inez Brown is set to become the first-ever black president of the Birmingham Law Society. Credit: ITV News Central

A lawyer from Smethwick says she wants to make real change and improve diversity in the legal industry.

Tonight, Inez Brown becomes the first-ever black president of the Birmingham Law Society in its 202-year history.

There have long been calls for more representation in the legal profession. Just over 7% of judges are not white.

Inez Brown wants to change that and aims to provide more opportunities for women and people of colour.

It will be an inspiration to many from the local area that I was brought up in, that was Smethwick and for many of those children who want to dream big and have seen my face on television or in the newspaper will be a great inspiration to them.

Inez Brown
Inez wants to make the industry more accessible for women and those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Credit: ITV Central

It hasn't been an easy journey to get here. She's faced many obstacles along the way.

The university that I first approached, they were steering me in the direction of nursing, becoming a social worker and said that ‘my kind’ usually go into that type of profession.

Inez Brown

Inez wants to make many changes during her one-year presidency. That includes a scholarship to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

She also wants to introduce more flexible working to help women who've had children stay in the industry. She said: “There’s not a fair representation, there’s not an equal representation and we need change to take place.”