Man found guilty of raping and murdering friend Keeley Bunker who he was 'trusted' to walk home

A man has been convicted of raping and murdering his friend after a night out. After killing Keeley Bunker, Wesley Streete then hid her body in a pond.

The 20-year-old denied the killing in a park in Tamworth in September 2019, saying they had consensual sex before he accidentally strangled her.

But that was found by a jury at Stafford Crown Court to be a lie. One of a number of different versions of events Streete had told the victim’s family and police, before and after his arrest.

Streete and Keeley Bunker had been friends for some time. They had organised to meet up, along with Keeley’s friend, in Birmingham for a night out.

They went partying in a nightclub before getting a taxi back to Tamworth together, in the early hours of September 19th.

Keeley Bunker’s friend had told the court that the two girls were not drunk, but Streete was, and that he felt sick on the taxi ride home.

The three got out of the taxi at Keeley Bunker’s friend’s house, where she got changed and decided to walk home, feeling safe because Streete, her friend, was to walk with her.

Streete originally said he’d walked with Keeley to a phone box, where they parted company.

But they actually walked through Wigginton Park. CCTV footage shown to the jury pictured the pair clashing - which Streete had claimed was a play fight.

That park was where Streete raped his friend, and strangled her.

He then dumped her body in a nearby pond, covering it with twigs and branches.

The following day, Keeley’s family and friends searched for her, and reported to police that she had gone missing.

Streete joined in the search, and took police on a drive along the route he said they had walked.

But at about 9pm that night, Keeley’s uncle found his niece’s body. 

Wesley Streete Credit: Staffordshire Police

Police arrested Streete, who was already sitting in their police car, supposedly helping the search.

When he was booked in at the police station, he told an officer there that he felt “sad”.

From phone records, police found Streete had gone back to the site where he left Keeley’s body throughout the following day, and had added further branches to cover it.

Today, at Stafford Crown Court, Streete was found guilty of the rape and murder of Keeley Bunker.

He was also convicted of two further counts of rape, and three counts of sexual assault, against three other victims, all said to have happened previously, going as far back as 2015.

Following the verdict, a statement from Keeley's family was read out in front of the court by Staffordshire Police, Family Liaison Officer Scott Bradbury.