Man found guilty of manslaughter after stabbing young father

A man from Walsall has been sentenced for manslaughter after stabbing a young father to death last year.

Ravinder Heer, aged 37, from Walsall stabbed 32-year-old Dale Grice in Cooksey Lane in Kingstanding.

The incident took place in the early hours of September 7, when Mr Grice was left on the road with fatal injuries.

Ravinder Heer. Credit: West Midlands Police

It was revealed in a week-long trial at Birmingham Crown Court that Mr Heer stabbed the father of two, while he was drunk and under the influence of drugs, in anger over his ex-partner.

Mr Heer turned up highly intoxicated outside his ex-partners house before 7am that day and wanted to go inside.

It's said that Mr Dale who was at the address at the time had been trying to diffuse the situation as he knew who Mr Heer was.

Dale Grice. Credit: West Midlands Police

After the attack, Mr Heer fled to his car before entering a local shop and demanding alcohol from shop workers who had no idea what had happened.

CCTV footage shows when Mr Heer entered the shop:

Mr Grice's family have paid tribute to him today describing him as the "most loyal, hardworking and loving son, dad, grandson and friend anyone could ever meet".

They added "we will never get justice for what has happened to Dale. We think we may be talking for everyone who had lost someone they have loved as much as we loved Dale."

Detective Inspector Jim Mahon, from the homicide team at West Midlands Police, has praised the witnesses who gave evidence in the trial for their bravery and says it was "crucial in piecing together the events of that fateful morning".

He said Mr Grice's family "know that Dale acted in a selfless manner and simply tried to protect a friend from suffering possessive control at the hands of an ex-partner."

Mr Heer has not been found guilty of murder. He will be sentenced for manslaughter at Birmingham Crown Court on 3 April.

He must serve at least 10 years in prison, before he will be eligible for release.