Two 'heroes' from Leicester use lorry to protect man after crash

Footage from BPM.

Two men from Leicester have been hailed heroes after using a lorry to protect a driver whose car crashed on the motorway.

Florin Wolf used his 7.5 tonne lorry to protect a man, after his wheel flew off at 50mph on the A1 near Peterborough on Wednesday (August 5).

A White Ford Ranger pick-up truck slewed across the carriageway and nearly hit a car before veering back and hitting the kerb on the hard shoulder.

It then lost another wheel and ended up crashing into bushes at the side of the road.

Lorry driver, Wolf from Fleckney, slowed down and put his hazard lights on to shield the truck.

Wolf was driving with his assistant Daniel Samoluk, from Westcotes, who was the first to jump out to check if truck driver was okay - Wolf followed shortly after.

Aubrey Elliot, an agricultural engineer from Gotham in Nottingham, has praised the two men for helping keep him safe during the crash.

He said what they "did was brilliant and could have saved me from being hit by another vehicle."

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