Last night’s epic lightning show across the Midlands

Grainge Jennings took this incredible shot on a mobile phone in Wolverhampton.

Thunder and lightning lit up the skies of the Midlands last night, bringing a temporary end to the sunny weather seen over the last few days.

Despite the wetter conditions, the thunder and humidity meant many ITV Central viewers were up late into the night snapping pictures of the stormy weather.

Here are some of your best images:

Martin captured the moment thunder roared across the skies of Cheslyn Hay in Staffordshire last night.

  • While Andy from Stoke filmed this in his back garden.

Nikky Vaughan snapped this streak of lightning in Great Barr.

  • And Devi filmed the silent storm from Oldbury last night.

Kimmy Wright managed to snap a picture of brewing clouds over Telford.

  • Pictures from SnapperSK - filmed in Quinton in Birmingham

As the storms cleared overnight and the hotter weather returned, Damien took some shots of this morning's calmer skies. He managed to snap these rays of sunshine over the skies of Solihull:

Forecasters say more lightning, thunder and heavy rain could be on the way over the next few days.

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